2009.06.01 01:21 PM

Some Resources for RSS Generation

Needing to generate RSS feeds from search results on a customer's ASP.NET web site, I sought out some info to assist and (re)discovered the following items, which I figured were worth sharing here, if for no other reason than to give this old blog a much needed kick in the pants.

Maybe this will get the old blog rolling again.


One post a year now, eh? You're topping my output!

Jeff Key | 2009.06.02 09:46 AM

I strive to better you in all things, Mr. Key! And if that means one blog post every 18 months, then so be it! :)

Hope you are well!

ewbi.develops | 2009.06.02 10:40 AM

I found valuable stuff here, and well explained (Excel Autofit question); keep it up please!

Tracy | 2009.06.19 10:58 AM

what is this stuff? Could it be that you're an alian and this is all something that was written by martians who invaded the earth via Windows XP? Can you not talk about changing the 10 key pad to be upside down like the phone? would that be too hard? Argggggh

Steve Kent | 2009.08.17 01:56 PM

Invasion of the computer snatchers maybe? And I've always thought it was the phone that was upside down. Hmmm. :P

ewbi.develops | 2009.08.17 02:11 PM

I have a comment - well.... (2) of 'em. #1 is there a way to surpress a line in excell ie a blank row - if the row is blank, do not print.... type thing? where you might have 50 rows but data in only 5 of them so if there is nothing in the a1 cell, skip the print? #2 why are you not on facebook?

SAK | 2010.02.08 09:44 PM

#1: yes, #2: I am. :)

ewbi.develops | 2010.02.09 09:55 AM


Steve Kent | 2010.02.09 01:48 PM


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