2007.05.29 05:14 PM

Portland Code Camp v3.0

Quick shout-out to the fine folks who put together this year's Portland Code Camp v3.0, including Stuart Celarier, Richard Claussen, and others. This is a great event, by developers for developers, and always held on a weekend, making it easier for us working stiffs to attend. This year's camp was held at the lovely Washington State University campus in Vancouver, WA. The really cool thing about code camp, besides being free, is that they make an open call to developers for sessions. Basically, if you've got a topic that's important to you that may also be important to others, and you can stand and deliver for 75 minutes, and you don't have a problem releasing your code, they'll likely make room for you.

I caught Mr. Celarier's Branching Patterns for Parallel Development session and learned more about branching for success than I even knew was possible. I also caught Michael Lynch's MVP in ASP.NET. Mr. Lynch mentioned at lunch (which is also provided for free) that this was his first public presentation, but you wouldn't have known it from his packed session, where he provided lots of examples and insight in to applying this sometimes tricky pattern. (Btw, as a follow-up to that session, lots of folks were asking for clarification between MVC vs. MVP. Turns out Darron Schall's got a nice explanation on his blog - wish I'd have had it then to share.) I was also lucky enough to sit next to Andrew Karcher, with Clarity Consulting, at lunch. Mr. Karcher presented A T-SQL Tour through SQL Server 2005 and Keeping your DBA up at night - SQL CLR Objects, the latter of which I wanted to attend, but it was scheduled at the same time as Mr. Lynch's session.

Anyhow, there are too many sessions to list them all here now. Suffice it to say, it was all good. And I look forward to being there again next year.



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