2007.05.29 03:09 PM

PHP Excel Formula Parser, and Some Site Changes

I recently got a note from Maarten Balliauw, coordinator and developer on the PHP Excel 2007 classes project, indicating that he'd ported my Excel formula parsing logic to PHP for later use in their project "...as the main formula parsing engine, preparing a tree that can then be converted into 'real' php code which then actually calculates the formula." How cool is that? He sent me the PHP, but it's probably better if you get it from his site directly. Thanks, Maarten, and good luck with your project!

In contemplating what to do with this info I realized that what I really need are some permanent pages on this site with which to aggregate multi-post topics, like the Excel formula parser. So I added links on the right to some new pages that gather together links to various popular posts on this site, where "popular" means they get more attention (from me and others) than most posts on this site. Hope they help.


I always get an error while trying to get the calculated value from my excel file?

Error : Fatal error: Call to a member function cellExists() on a non-object.

the formula is really complex.

any help ?

Amr | 2012.03.15 01:41 PM


I'm not sure what you mean by "calculated value" and "excel file"? This logic is intended to parse formulas that would be found in the cells of Excel workbooks (i.e., from strings) - it doesn't open Excel files, and it doesn't calculate formula values.

Assuming you mean you're having a problem with parsing a formula, are you getting the error with Maarten's PHP code? Or using my JavaScript or C# code? Have you tried plugging the problem formula into the tool on this page and seeing if it can be parsed?


ewbi.develops | 2012.03.16 02:08 PM


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