2006.12.23 04:06 AM

Stone Age Christmas

After a November of record storms and flooding, we hoped for a calm December. No luck. A week ago last Thursday the wind blew, trees fell, and the electricity stopped. The result was six days and five nights without heat, phones, cable, and internet access.

I was in Louisville when the storm hit. Flights into Seattle were stopped by the high winds, so I spent an extra night there while my wife and daughter braved the storm from a hotel in Redmond. I finally made it home after midnight Friday and we all spent a shivering night together under a pile of blankets. Saturday we trekked into Bellevue where the electricity was back on downtown and hunkered in a Starbucks to make a plan. Given the severity of the damage and the estimates of several days for repairs, we decided my wife and daughter would wait it out at her sister's near Denver (thanks, ST and family!) and I would stay behind to watch the water pipes, dissuade would-be robbers, and keep the cat alive. We somehow got them on a flight that evening for less than $250 each (thanks, Frontier!).

The next few days were cold and mostly unproductive. The nights coincided with the coldest temperatures so far this winter. I snapped the following from a digital thermometer in the bedroom one evening.

This was actually pretty warm (it's in Farenheit), because I'd been burning candles for hours and periodically filling the master bathroom's tub with hot water.

My buddy Roger had me over to his generator-heated home a couple of nights for supper (thanks, Rog!). And by Tuesday I'd secured some working space in an empty office belonging to one of my clients in Seattle (thanks!). It felt good to get a little work done. Then by some miracle the electricity returned Wednesday (thanks, PSE!). And by late evening the house was back in the fifties and I was able to catch up on laundry and dishes and procure and stow replacement groceries for those lost to the outage.

Everything was set for the return of my wife and daughter on Thursday. Then the blizzard hit Denver and all flights were cancelled, including theirs. We finally got through to the airline Thursday evening and secured them a seat on a flight home this Tuesday, the day after Christmas. So, it's just me and the cat this Christmas, the first without my daughter, and the first without my wife in ten years.

I'm not complaining, though. I'm actually very grateful. It could be so much worse, and likely is for many folks still without electricity or trapped at the airport. We're healthy, safe, and warm, and my wife and daughter are with family. We're just going to celebrate Christmas a little later this year. Which reminds me, I've got to get a note to Santa asking for a make-up delivery Wednesday morning.


Doesn't Santa read your blog? Anyway, he knows what you want. He always knows.

Ho Ho Ho

The Wife | 2006.12.23 09:35 AM

Doh! I just realized I forgot to include a thanks to your sis and her family. Sorry! They deserve the biggest thanks of all for all they've done! So, anyhow, I added one to the text.

I also threw in a note about the picture being Farenheit, which is probably obvious because 43 C would be something like 110 F, which is an entirely different problem than the one I'm describing.

Anyhow, miss you guys. See you in a few days!

Oh Oh Oh

ewbi.develops | 2006.12.23 12:39 PM

Just adding to the story - your wife and I got stuck behind a FEDEX truck for nearly 30 seconds (thanks FEDEX!) and if it hadn't have been for that bag of cheese puffs (thanks cheese!) we would have been goners! And it didn't even have any boxes for me on board. Wahhhh!

The Sis | 2006.12.23 04:26 PM

Perhaps it is merely my overwhelming loneliness playing tricks on me (thanks, loneliness!), but I sense you are poking fun at my overflowing holiday-induced thankfulness.

ewbi.develops | 2006.12.23 06:21 PM

MOVE SOUTH silly boy!

Steve | 2007.02.06 06:28 AM

That's your answer to everything! ;)

If you come visit me I promise it won't be this bad.

ewbi.develops | 2007.02.06 08:44 PM

Well, if you'd move south, I woudln't have to travel 3,000 miles to have lunch. And.... the climate is much better here - snow? or tornados..... your pick.

Now.... for the blog stuff..... why is there no January or February file going? I can't understand why someone who is soooo smart and such a kick ass of a person is soooo lazy not to create those folders. Savvy?

Steve | 2007.02.15 02:29 PM

Yeah, I savvy. Unfortunately, the only "kick ass" going on around here is my current project on me. Things have been so busy here since the holidays, lots of travel and work. I've got a hundred posts just sitting around waiting to be written, if I could just find some time. I'm really hoping February doesn't slip by without at least one post. So, you want to write some guest posts in my absence? Spin me some southern tales of intrigue to keep the fires alive here until I return?

ewbi.develops | 2007.02.15 04:04 PM


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