2006.10.10 11:18 AM

What are the odds?

I was doing the security line hustle last Thursday trying to get myself and my family on a plane to the Midwest for a wedding when I was asked by the person behind me for one of those bins used to hold stuff through the x-ray machines. Nothing unusual, except that the person asked me by name. Without thinking or looking I said "sure" and handed one back to the voice. A moment later, after a few twists of the skull hamster, it dawned on me what I'd heard and I turned around to find the esteemed Jeff Key smiling back at me. Lordy, what a surprise. Of all the security lines in all the airports in all the world, he wound up standing in mine. Right behind me. He suggested he'd been following me since we moved from Chicago last year. Hee.

Unfortunately, I was just cresting a five day flu (and was distracted with marshalling my five year old through security), so I wasn't much company. But it was great to catch up, even briefly. I hope we get a chance to talk again soon, perhaps in Chicago - maybe we'll rally the ChiDotNet troops for a beer and eats at ye ole Rock Bottom, just like the old days.

It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to have to paint it.

Steven Wright


Small world indeed! Ye Rock Bottom awaits.

(I don't think I told you this, but I visited the one in Bellevue twice during my trip!)

Jeff Key | 2006.10.10 07:52 PM

Oh yeah! I keep forgetting we have them here, too. Maybe I'll put together a regular one man SeaDotNet night out. Take care, Jeff!

ewbi.develops | 2006.10.10 08:28 PM


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