2006.10.04 03:06 PM

Gillmor Gang, Ewness

Fighting a cold and getting nothing done, so I followed a link via Robert Scoble over to a podcast of the Gillmor Gang. Mr. Scoble's lede was that this might be the Gang's last podcast due to some thing or another. I'm not a fan of podcasts, with the exception of Scott Hanselman's brilliant tech-packed HanselMinutes, but I'm sick and bored and figured I ought to catch the Gang at least once before they hang it up (I mean really, check out those names).

So, anyhow, yuck. Mind blowing pompous pontificating: "scaling mid-tail companies", "remaking the enterprise", "network experience and opportunities", "attention gesture opportunities", blah de blah. I don't get out much, but I think that’s the sound of an echo chamber. Cruise into about 10:45 and listen to Doc Searls (having audibly tinkled some ice while preparing himself a refreshing glass of water) picking on Kodak and their lamentable prospects for leading photography into the future, the questionable value of their patent portfolio, how they can't be helped (politics, bureaucracy, and all), how he wouldn't know how to help them (did they ask?), and how he expects the likes of Flickr and Tabblo and Buzznet and zillions of independents to best them. What was in that water?! Are we talking about the same Eastman Kodak that's been in business since 1880, has over 51,000 employees, a market cap of $6.43B, annual sales of $14B, gross profit of $3.65B, and over $1B in the bank? That Kodak? The one that employees real people making real stuff in the real world every day?

A little perspective would go a long way.

Anyhow, the remaining time goes all meta talking about the show, what's great about the show, how real the show is, how not titillating the show is, how not prepared the show is. Bleh.



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