2006.09.11 10:47 AM


Just read KTGX's tribute to Timothy Haviland as part of Project 2,996. Thanks to Jake for taking the time to do this. I was working with Tim that summer and was due to have a conference call that morning with him and others on our team. I was running late and the phone rang and I answered making excuses for my tardiness. When I finally stopped making excuses the admin assistant asked, "Haven't you turned on a TV?" "No," I said, while fumbling for the remote. What I saw then, what everyone saw then, was just incomprehensible. Black smoke pouring out of the tower, talk of a plane crash, desperate thoughts back to which tower Tim was in, calling my wife to come look, a crying baby hungry for breakfast. I don't remember hanging up the phone. And then the unthinkable. Another plane soared in from off camera directly into the other tower. And I was floored. I lost my breath, grabbed my wife, and began to cry. Like so many others, I watched, trembled, and cried all day and then all night and for days more as the terrible toll sank in. The loss. The enormity of the loss. Days and weeks later, when the smoke cleared and the holes that were the towers were revealed, I tried to imagine the holes left in so many lives by the loss of nearly 3,000 Tim's. But I can't.



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