2006.01.23 03:11 AM

Please Come Home

If you or someone you know sits in or near seat 23C on the regularly scheduled United flight #731 between Chicago and Seattle, please tell my notebook I miss it and I really want it to come home. Here's a photo of its sibling.



Oh man, that sucks. Well, at least you have the chance to buy an even newer super notebook! :(

Eric G. Harrison | 2006.01.23 10:43 AM

Sucks, affirmative. Luckily, I spent most of the flight transcribing its most important parts into my laptop, and with my new PocketPC phone, I've mostly eliminated my reliance on notebooks for general note taking anyway. Perhaps it sensed this slow drifting apart and so hid as we disembarked to make a point, or something. I don't care, though, I still really want it back. :(

ewbi.develops | 2006.01.23 01:30 PM

What a shame. I always worry about losing things like that, and try to set up rules or habits for putting them away; but I don't always follow them. Given how well organized you seem to be, I am surprised this happened to you. How sure are you that you left it on the plane?
In any event, I'm glad to see in your comment that you had gotten most of the content out of it.
PS - Maybe it was punishment for leaving before the NerdDinner on Tuesday.

Allan Wolff | 2006.01.23 04:05 PM

Hi Allan,

I've always thought myself pretty well organized, too, and I have a distinct recollection of safely tucking it into my bag along with (in fact, at the same time as) another notebook, which I was also transcribing, and I never opened or looked into the bag again until I was home. When I did finally look in the bag, I couldn't even make sense of what I saw. It took hours for my brain to fully recognize that the bag contained only one notebook.

I'm only partially sure it was left on the plane, as that was the last place I had it out. A very small possibility exists it fell out of the bag in the airport, on the terminal train, in the parking lot, in the car, or at home, but I've searched those places pretty thoroughly (at least where possible) and I've visited and registered with airport and United lost-and-founds in both Seattle and Chicago, the latter on the off-chance it was found on the plane while there instead of here. So far, no joy.

Wish I could be there for the ChiDotNet get-together, maybe next time. Do you think you all could share a brief moment of silence between brews in memory of notebook? I would really appreciate it.

ewbi.develops | 2006.01.23 05:26 PM


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