2006.01.05 02:43 PM

More TypePad Crap

I'm getting the impression that TypePad isn't ready for primetime and that maybe they've not spent the years since their launch properly investing my $149/year in the infrastructure and technology necessary to sustain their growth. We've been down repeatedly. We've been hammered with an unexpected, poorly styled, and now permanent-for-all-posts craptcha. And now this. I asked support yesterday why my recent posts list on the left only shows a few items even though I've specified an MTEntries element with a lastn attribute of 5 (with this post it now shows 4 items). Their response?

The behavior of the lastn tag has been changed to help with overall stability and performance. It will now pull the set number of posts if they were published within the last 30 days.

We understand that this is an inconvenience to some subscribers using Advanced Templates so we're still in the process of evaluating the affects of this change. When a final decision has been made, the documentation will be updated to reflect the new behavior. We apologize for any inconvenience this change brings.

Thanks again for not communicating this unilateral change in service resulting from your on-going efforts to reduce our service to a bare minimum in order to satisfy the medicore capacity of your ill-equiped infrastructure.


I found this post when searching for info on the lastn attribute -- I have the same problem. I found that I could make it days=X rather than lastn=X to approximate some kind of behavior longer than 30 days. Can't seem to combine them, though.


Kari Chisholm | 2006.02.04 03:49 AM


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