2006.01.23 02:45 AM

Apologies to Bloglines Readers

Bloglines doesn't honor the CSS I apply to <pre> elements in my posts, and I don't go to a lot of trouble to explicitly wrap long lines (because I use width-restricted <pre> styling), so when reading this blog in Bloglines, my posts often cause the right content edge to move out to accommodate my longest line of <pre>-wrapped code. This is terribly annoying, particularly if you include this blog in a sub-folder of other blogs, which causes it to negatively affect all of their content as well. I apologize for the trouble.

FWIW, as a temporary solution, I'm considering adding some in-line CSS to make my code samples invisible by default and then have them made visible with some JavaScript. Bloglines doesn't execute any JavaScript in my posts, so this would keep it invisible there.


I guess it's the same for ?


man this post a comment bit sucks!!!!!!

ross | 2006.01.24 02:24 AM

!, i ment

ross | 2006.01.24 02:26 AM

dam it! tt!

ross | 2006.01.24 02:27 AM

Ross, I feel your pain. Send me an email directly at bachtale AT ewbi.com if you'd like.

ewbi.develops | 2006.01.24 03:41 AM

sorry Eric, it was just ment to be a quicky:
tt teletype /tt

the teletype, but i guess is pre doesn't work then that wont eirther. ;-(

ross | 2006.01.24 09:13 AM

Oh, got it. You're correct - tt won't change the outcome. The problem is that my styling of pre (or tt) derives from out-of-band CSS, which is ignored. On closer inspection, though, this may not be a Bloglines problem - it may be an issue with my full-post RSS feed. Got to take another look.

ewbi.develops | 2006.01.24 01:39 PM


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