2005.09.06 09:08 PM

FlexWiki Notes - SimpleUserDataProvider Bug

Wish I had time to write what I've learned about the FlexWikiSecurity namespace, as it's an interesting FlexWiki subsystem, but I don't. I only have time to note that the SimpleUserDataProvider class, which is the default IUserDataProvider-based sample provider class provided with FlexWiki, and which relies on a DataSet-based XML file for storing user authentication information, has a bug.

Specifically, in the private LoadUserDataSet() method it fails to add this DataColumn:

DataColumn userNameColumn = new DataColumn("UserName",System.Type.GetType("System.String"));

To this DataTable:

DataTable dataTable = new DataTable("Users");

Before adding the DataTable to this DataSet:

DataTable dataTable = new DataTable("Users");

As a result, calls to the AddUser() and UpdateUser() methods fail.

To resolve this, simply add the following line to the routine prior to adding the DataTable to the DataSet:


Hopefully I'll find time to write more about this later.



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