2005.07.14 10:14 AM

Mike Spille Resonates

Followed a link from Don Box to Mike Spille this morning. Glad I did. If you do this for a living, take a look.

From Mr. Spille's Ember, Eeyore, and the Mad Cow:

For me - well, for all my high-falutin' talk about architectures and methodologies and language concepts and all that jazz, the reality is that I, too, work for a living. Yes, yes, I do concern myself with that high-falutin' stuff but it's not the only piece of my job. In fact, the dirty secret is that that stuff isn't even most of my job. My job, believe it or not, is to write code to do certain things, and make sure that it works and keeps on working. Sadly for me and my brethen, most of the time accomplishing this goal - "Make it work and keep it working" - is more low-level getting-your-hands-dirty then it is being the egg head in the ivory tower.

Another from his Action Hippo Rangers!:

John in Kentucky finds Java a little tedious at times. He's thinking of throwing away his entire multi-million dollar investment and do everything in Ruby on Rails. A young woman in her 3rd year of college will, in 4 years time, emerge from academia to have John fired as she blazes the trail to recode all critical systems in C++ "because of the proven benefits of static type safety and C++'s leading role in that arena". A young boy, now hacking his copy of a driving game to show faintly pixelated boobies, will hack that future corporate culture, and prove that static unsafe code is for wusses and Smalltalk 2042 is the One True Way. He will then have a sex change and evanglize Forth for the remainder of this career.



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