2005.07.08 01:56 PM

ChiDotNet Meeting Notes

I'm back! Finally wrapped up and deployed a web app I've been head-down in for the last couple of weeks. Now I'm trying to catch up on everything I've been ignoring for the duration. One of those things is writing about the ChiDotNet get-together that took place June 21 at the always popular Rock Bottom (I didn't realize we have our own "nerd dinner" blog - cool, thanks Ryan).

Anyhow, my memory's a little fuzzy now, but I did take some notes.

  • Repeat attendees included spiritual leader Jeff Key, plus Ryan Rinaldi, Brian "2nd on the List!" Scott, and Dan "Sans a Blog" Akers.
  • New attendees included Allan Wolff, who kindly summarized the event weeks ago, and John Volk (got blog, John?).
  • Seems Dan is partying like it's 1999. Now, in addition to not having a blog, he also doesn't read them. This probably means Dan's getting twice as much done as me. It also means I can say things about his mama.
  • Ryan talked some about the pain that is Community Server, which he recently adopted as the platform of choice for his blogging conglomerate GeekDojo.net. In particular, Ryan mentioned the pain of skinning CS and promised to blog about it real soon now.
  • About OCW, Brian says "It's fast." What I can't tell from my notes, though, is what the hell Brian was talking about. Orange Country Wheelmen? MIT's OpenCourseWare? Or, Microsoft Office Web Components (which would actually be OWC)? Probably the latter. Thanks for that, Brian.
  • I promised Allan links to some interesting pattern posts by Matt Berther. Here are some good ones.
  • I personally observed a moment of silence in honor of the passing of Ryan's "Costanza" wallet (girlfriends can be such taskmasters). Yea verily, gone but not forgotten. On the plus side, Ryan appeared to be sitting more level.
  • Did anyone mention that Brian's fantastic Cropper utility was 2nd on Scott Hanselman's 2005 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List? I love this tool. Congrats, Brian!
  • Btw, I promised Brian some Cropper suggestions:

    • Allow users to reduce the quality when targeting the clipboard, like they can do when targeting JPEGs, so they can paste smaller-sized images directly into emails.

    • Allow users to specify a folder, other than the desktop Cropper folder, for saving files.

    • Allow users to specify the extension to use for different target file types (I'm always changing JPEG to JPG for consistency with my existing stuff).

  • It's worth mentioning that Jeff's SnippetCompiler also made Mr. Hanselman's list, along with this special bit of praise: "Ah, to have this dude's skillz." Ditto that sentiment.
  • I spoke with Eric G. Harrison (or is it now Eric G. "I'm on MSN Spaces" Harrison?) about his notable absence and confirmed that it was not due to my making fun of his clothes. He's just really really busy. Phew.
  • Oh yeah, did we mention that Brian's Cropper was 2nd (second!) on Scott Hanselman's 2005 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List? We did? Oh.
  • I think there was general agreement that geeks (i.e., we) don't know enough about interviewing job candidates.
  • We learned some sad manager math: app layers = budget + staff + job security. Good for them, bad for us.
  • Here's the link I promised to Ajax.NET. This is a wonderful implementation.
  • So I've never written an abstract base class. Jeez. It's not like I wouldn't (or couldn't), I've just never encountered the need. Is that so wrong? I feel so inadequate.
  • Did we mention Brian's Cropper, second, list, ... right.

So much more, all gone now. Oh well. Thanks to all for a fine time!


I can't remember what OCW/OWC is. I haven't used Office Web Components. I remember saying something is fast and it seems like it was something I was in to, but I can't remember what it was.

Thanks for posting notes when you attend Eric. I hate taking notes for anything.

Brian Scott | 2005.07.12 05:34 AM

You're welcome.

OCW = Ordination of Catholic Women?


ewbi.develops | 2005.07.12 06:20 AM


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