2005.07.15 06:15 PM


[Updated 7/16/05: Refactored into Sparklines 2.0.]

Yesterday I lamented that having converted Joe Gregorio's Python sparkline code into C# for ASP.NET, I hoped to actually use it someday. Well, that day hasn't come, but something did come up today that's pretty close. What came up was a mod to a web page to include a graphical indication of percentages complete next to some items in a list. Sparklines don't work for this, as they represent a series of values. But, it wasn't a long haul from the sparkline code to a bar code generator.

Here's the source. As before, it's written in C# for ASP.NET and is intended to be accessed with an .ashx extension. Grab a copy and host it yourself, or you can just use my service if you want.

Here's a table of barlines, retrieved using HTML IMG elements pointing at my service, along with their querystring parameters:

(see Sparklines 2.0)

Hopefully you can figure out what the parameters are and what they do from the samples (or from the source), because I haven't got time to write them up - I've got to go put them to use.



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