2005.03.20 05:30 PM

Back in the Saddle

Crap. Nearly three weeks off. Doc says it was flu, maybe A/California, a particularly nasty strain that was slithering through Toronto when I was there. Whatever it was, it got us all. My daughter and I have been mostly well since last week, but my wife fell prey to a couple of opportunistic respitory infections and only began recovering Friday. So, my daughter and I hung out, played in the basement, went to the movies, dressed up Polly Pockets, and worried about Mom. Now that the plague has thankfully moved on, I should be back to work tomorrow.

This brings me to a comment I meant to add to a (now very old) discussion I encountered regarding independent consulting. Most of the discussion focused on issues of finding and keeping work, managing client expectations, incorporation, headhunters, insurance, project diversity, and the like. Important things, for sure, but solvable and survivable. What I didn't see was anyone describe the peril of unexpected illness, whether to one's self or a family member. Independents don't get sick time or, as I recall from four years ago, maternity leave. And, there's a good chance that hard-won pre-illness work will not wait around for a recovery.

For me, this means I'm billing (optimistically?) 20 hours this month. Ouch. Add to this the fact that my clients haven't yet paid my January invoices and I start to wonder whether you'll want fries with that.

Oh well, at least it's spring today (sort of):

To better health and warmer weather!


Ouch ... sounds like a nasty bug :-(
Anyway - great to hear that you and the family are on the path to recovery!

I agree about the perils of unexpected illness too (as it applies to consulting). I'm lucky enough to have a permanent Govt job (well, as permanent as they get, nowadays). I just couldn't take the uncertainty that comes with a consulting/contracting role. You know, not being sure if you'll still be there tomorrow or next week ...

While on the topic of work - it's interesting that while the US seems to be in the throes of redundancies and jobs being "outsourced" to India, here in NZ employers are **desperate** for staff. And, when I say that, I mean *all* employers - from IT firms to coal-mining to labourers on building sites. The demand is for everything - skilled *and* unskilled jobs. The paper here had a story recently about an employer who flew to South Africa to recruit *one* guy! Anyway, the contrast (with the US) is amazing!

In NZ, the trend seems to be for Indian and Filipino IT workers to come _here_ to work, rather than the work/jobs going to them.

Bye for now - hoping you're feeling much better soon!
- Andy

Andy Elvey | 2005.03.22 02:08 AM

Hi Andy,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. Interesting about NZ importing foreign labor (as opposed to the US model, of late, of tossing the work to them). I suppose proximity plays a large part. So how come no NZ recruiters are knocking on my door? ;)

Take care!

ewbi.develops | 2005.03.22 08:30 AM

Yes indeed, our proximity would play a big part in this. I guess many of those from India and the Philippines would come here for the lifestyle - "the great outdoors" and all that.
As to why no NZ recruiters have called on you - I don't know, but they should do! :-)
Bye for now -
- Andy

Andy Elvey | 2005.03.23 01:58 AM


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