2004.12.20 03:10 PM

No Double Quotes in WSH Command-line Parameters

Never had to pass command-line parameters containing double quotes to a Windows Scripting Host script before, so I only learned today that you can't.

Thanks goes to the ubiquitous Michael Harris for clarifying this way back in 2001:

You can't pass arguments that contain double quotes as arguments to a WSH hosted script. This is an unavoidable limitation due to the command line parsing in the host EXEs (wscript/cscript).

Live and learn.


I want to pass a value to a perticular cell of Excel file through command line parameter
Is it possible ?
Can u help me?

Dipankar | 2005.05.24 04:58 AM

Hi Dipanker,

Maybe. Will you be targeting an existing wokbook? Can the workbook contain some VBA logic, or can you install an add-in? If these things are true, you should be able to take action on the workbook open event, parse the command-line, and place a value in a cell, then, I suppose, save/print/export/whatever the workbook, all automatically.

Let me know if this comes close to what you're asking.

ewbi.develops | 2005.05.24 08:45 AM


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