2004.11.10 06:04 AM

VB Resource Error

Ran into a problem with a VB6 app a few months ago and never did find a resolution.  The app consists of a single EXE, which at some point attempts to retrieve its own version number via the App object's Version property.  On some machines, this results in a "Error 326, resource with identifier 'VERSION' not found".

Seems lots of other folks have run into this, and not just for the Version property, but there are no clear solutions.  One of the messages suggests it may be related to running the executable off of a Novell network volume (my client does for some machine, but not all) and/or the executable's name not being in 8.3 format (this particular one is).


What's a VB6?


Jeff Key | 2004.11.10 08:32 AM

Hey, that made me snort! Thanks.

ewbi.develops | 2004.11.10 08:42 AM

1) Update to the latest Novell Client 32 software. You should be using version 3.4 or later. To determine your version of Novell Client software, go to Control Panel, click on Network, highlight Netware/Intranetware client, click on properties.
2) If you are using Windows 95 or Windows 98 make sure your C:\CONFIG.SYS file contains a FILES statement where the number is greater or equal to 150. For example: FILES=150
3) Uninstall the Novell Client 32 and use the Microsoft Novell Client

Jury is still out on final solution.

David Barker | 2005.01.18 01:47 PM

Thanks, David! I'll pass this on to my client's support folks and see if it helps.

ewbi.develops | 2005.01.18 02:12 PM

Had the same err number.. after a raise_event executed in a MSMQ message_arrived eventhandler

not resolved still. app works fine if this message is ignored.. so it seems.

Houtman | 2006.06.29 04:47 AM

If resource file does not exists then how to check for that to avoid the resource error (i.e. error number 326)?

Charuta | 2007.04.25 03:32 AM

Charuta, not sure I can offer anymore than what I wrote in the original post above. The problem was not that the resource didn't exist, and it involves resources embedded in the binary executable, not in a separate file, and finally it only affects certain machines. This was two and half years ago and I haven't heard anything else from the client experiencing the problem. Good luck.

ewbi.develops | 2007.04.26 12:50 PM


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