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While browsing around Slerp.com a while back trying to find a clue about a PeopleSoft® cross domain cookie issue, I ran into this request for help:

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From: dales
Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 04:59 AM

Hello. Using PeopleSoft 8.8, how do I use WEBLIB IScripts as a web service? I have created the WEBLIB and associated it with a service using the XML Link Registry. How do I get my client program to be able to interact with this service? How do I find what URL to use?

Any help would be much appreciated.

I've implemented a number of PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture® (PIA) solutions using their PeopleTools XML Link technology, and it can be tough. PeopleSoft's documentation includes very little about XML Link, and what is there is shrouded in confusing inbound Business Interlink cruft. On top of that, the documentation hasn’t kept pace with changes in the supported web servers, so some of the information (e.g., URL addresses, SSL support, etc.) is old or incomplete.

I started to write a reply to dales, as I felt I should give a little something back to Slerp, whose free service I frequently use and also highly recommend, particularly if you’re doing PeopleSoft, SAP, or Siebel ERP implementations, but then I thought a blog post might be better, as it could be Google searched. So, I spent an obscene portion of my week writing up everything I know about XML Link and it's relationship to all the technologies comprising PeopleSoft's PIA, such as the what, which, and why of their Java servlets, dealing with IScripts (coding, security, HTTP POSTs and GETs, etc.), proper URL addressing, the %Request and %Response objects, HTTP compression issues, and much more.

But, I can't post it.

PeopleSoft's software license agreement, to which I am a party by virtue of my clients being a party, expressly prohibits disclosing information about their software. Not just sharing, renting, copying, decompiling, modifying, etc. their software, which are all fairly standard license restrictions. They actually prohibit licensees from disclosing information about their software, even if (by my reading, anyway) it is documented or fairly gained.

This is a drag. It effect, it prevents me from sharing the knowledge I've accumulated in my experience with PeopleSoft with others in a public forum. Well, at least it prevents me sharing anything helpful, as anything helpful would require a discussion of specific features and technologies learned only by implementing the software. Here I'm talking about the kind of knowledge you gain by not only reading the documentation (a hundred times), but also by reviewing web and app server logs, querying system tables, reviewing HTML source in the browser, and trying umpteen different approaches to figure out which ones work.

So, how do the folks posting questions and answers on Slerp.com get away with it? I'm not sure. I suppose many folks posting there, PeopleSoft clients and/or their consultants, haven't read their agreements, or they've read them but interpret them differently, or they figure it's unlikely PeopleSoft will give them a hard time. Who knows. Also, I suppose, a lot of the answers given on Slerp involve only superficial information on ways to utilize delivered implementation features, not detailed explanations of technologies, like XML Link, which aren't just implemented, but are instead developed and integrated into production systems.

Whatever their reasons, it's clear that I can't take the risk. I respect and appreciate my clients immensely, and I know they all feel the same about their relationships with PeopleSoft. So, don't look for anything more about PeopleSoft from me here.

That said, I remain an independent consultant with scads of PeopleSoft experience, so if you need some help with your PeopleSoft system, leave me a comment and I'll be happy to hook-up with you in the context of your license agreement.


I m a psoft tech consultant. Actualy i want to use iscripts that are already present from peoplesoft.
The iscripts should provide me with the dynamic links used by the user.

this will help me accumulate the unfo about the links used by the peoplesoft user and the duration for which he used it. this will help in performance monitoring.
i have no knowledge of xml....so help from u will be very much appreciated.

thx in advance

prashant | 2004.11.01 08:28 PM

I sent you a message at the email you provided. Hope I can help.

ewbi.develops | 2004.11.02 02:12 AM

We are installing PeopleSoft 8.8 with SSL. Logging into the system is working great. The problem that we have ran into is uploading journal entries via XML through the SSL. We currently are using the non-SSL to upload the JE's which require a separate login. Hope you can share some light on this.


Michael Kepley | 2005.02.03 02:18 PM

Hi Michael,

I'll send you an email off-line to discuss.

ewbi.develops | 2005.02.08 10:26 PM

Hi, I am PS consultantant. I am in a process of migrating PS PIA from one machine to other. In stead of installing everything from scratch, I recovered the backups done on server 1 to server 2. The xml journal upload works fine in HTTP mode what does not work in HTTPS mode. The site responds fine on HTTPS. I have valid certificates applied to WL as well. Please help, I am running behind. Please send me your contact info so that I can call you.

Iqbal Mahal

Iqbal Mahal | 2005.04.04 09:03 PM

Hi can any one give information on the effect of upgrading peopletools 8.18 to 8.46 on customised iscripts

ani | 2005.04.12 10:44 PM


I've gone from 8.19 to 8.44 without any issues. However, this may owe more to the nature of the iScripts I've migrated than to PeopleSoft's committment to backward compatibility. I've mostly migrated non-interface logic, such as scripts to handle authentication, XML GETs and POSTs. I have yet to run into a built-in function, system variable, component or record definition which was deprecated or removed.

One thing that is problematic is the change in the format of URLs. This has impacted client-side code making calls into the system, as well as iScript logic that builds redirection and/or JS-based destination URLs. Prior to PT 8.4, an iScript URL looked something like this:


Starting with PS 8.4, the format changed to this:


In both cases, the address begins with a protocol (i.e., HTTP or HTTPS), a server and (optional) port, and includes the site name (e.g., “peoplesoft8”, “ps84”, or whatever), and the fully qualified function name, though it is specified in two very different ways. Prior to PT 8.4, the Java servlet was named iclientservlet, and it took two parameters to specify the action (ICType) and function (ICScriptProgramName). For PT 8.4x, the servlet name is psc or psp, and you need to include a portal name (e.g., “EMPLOYEE”), node name (e.g., “HRMS”), content type (always an “s” for IScripts), and content identifier (i.e., the fully qualified function name).

Hope this helps. Good luck!

ewbi.develops | 2005.04.15 09:13 AM

I have been tasked with implementing secure access to PS employee self-service from outside our network (SSL). I am having a bit of difficulty deciphering Peoplebooks on the subject. Is there another resource where I might find additional information?

Thanks in advance

Joel | 2005.06.21 08:31 AM

Hi Joel,

Kind of depends on what you're having difficulty with - web server configuration (e.g., WebLogic configs, installation of the SSL certificate, etc.), PS access configuration (e.g., security, roles, permission lists, etc.), PS interface configuration (e.g., portal setup, component development, etc.).

Can you provide a little more info about what's got you stumped?

ewbi.develops | 2005.06.22 10:44 AM

I am also trying to get the configuration set up for a XML link in Weblogic 8 for PS8.9 release. Can you help off line. If so please shoot me an email.

Keenan Shue | 2006.03.10 12:57 PM

Keenan - email is on the way.

ewbi.develops | 2006.03.10 01:11 PM

We had xmllink working for us before SSL was configured. It stopped workingn once we configured SSL. it gives us this error "The return content is not xmllink data, please check log file". We use websphere and was wondering what needs to be changed for XMLLINK when configuring SSL.


rakesh | 2006.07.07 10:40 AM

Hi Rakesh,

There are a number of reasons this error may occur. What did you find in the xmllinkservlet.log following the error? And what version of PeopleTools are we talking about?

ewbi.develops | 2006.07.07 11:21 AM

It gives us the sslrequiredpage.html in the log file. We are using 8.44.16 tools


rakesHIh | 2006.07.13 05:02 AM

Can you send me information on how to configure xml links with SSL. It works fine without SSL. With SSL we get the SSLREQUIREDPAGE.HTML in the xmllinkservlet.log.


rakesh | 2006.07.17 06:37 AM

rakesh - I'm not ignoring you, just haven't had time to look it up again, it's very busy here right now. Pressure is off in a day or two - I'll send you an email then.

ewbi.develops | 2006.07.17 08:13 AM

We tried to use xmllink to process XML document posted from client within Peoplesoft session using PT 8.44.12. Everything is working except PeopleSoft disconnect session after Iscript finish processing.

Please Help

Darko | 2007.08.12 09:10 PM

It would appear that work has been done to overcome the xmllink issue running over SSL. Please forward any info you have pertaining to this topic.


Ed | 2007.09.26 08:33 PM

Hi Ed,

As much as I'd like to, due to time constraints (and over 3 years having gone by since this post was written), I cannot just forward what I have on this subject, at least not without establishing some minimal relationship with you and/or your company. Perhaps you could provide me with some additional details regarding your needs? Either here or via the email address in the left margin.


ewbi.develops | 2007.09.26 10:24 PM

no comments

satish | 2007.12.06 05:57 AM


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