2004.07.28 08:01 PM


Earlier this year I spent an entire evening investigating a problem on a cohort's machine whereby he couldn't successfully access a JET (i.e., Access MDB) database via ADO using the Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 driver from VBScript in ASP on IIS. The error message was useless (wish I'd saved a copy), and after verifying his entire configuration (DLLs, Registry, MDAC, IIS and ASP configurations, etc.), I was sure it was a permissions problem, but couldn't figure out where or why. Finally, I found a KB article that described the problem.

I've been meaning to post the link ever since so I would never again waste that much time on the problem.

Of course, with SQL Server 2005 Express Edition coming soon, why would anyone want to use a JET database anyway?



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