2004.07.29 12:33 AM

Are you in IE?

If so, do you see that big gap on the right? Can you make it go away? Using only CSS? Without screwing up FireFox? I've tried everything. I should just revert to using HTML tables. IE CSS support is so...frustrating.

By the way, this all started when I removed the Good Stuff list, which used to appear on the right. I got tired of looking at it, and I could never keep it up to date. I've dropped and added so many feeds in my NewsGator reader since my last Good Stuff update (in February!) that I can't even begin to reconcile the differences. So, if you really want to see what I'm reading, I've added a link to my OPML blog role on the left.

Just for the hell of it, I also submitted my blog role to Share Your OPML. If you haven't checked them out, do - it's pretty cool (though terribly slow and weirdly organized). Once you sign up (free), you'll have access to some interesting stats and other member's lists. You can even find out who's reading you (oh, hello, Chris Weiss).


Okay, works now. I don't know why.

ewbi.develops | 2004.08.05 10:35 AM


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