2003.11.19 02:59 PM

Ego Remuneration (follow-up)

As hoped, I heard from Mr. Scoble. And, as hoped, he agreed. Wow.

Even if nothing comes of it (and I'm not expecting anything to come of it), I feel better. A lot better. Kinda giddy, in fact. Why? Maybe it's the ease with which I reached Mr. Scoble. Or the kindness inherent in his reading my email and taking time to write a personal response (you know this poor fellow is big-"B" busy). Or maybe the naïve belief that I now have a personal communicating human advocate on the inside.

I don't know for sure. But I like it. Thanks much.

Perhaps Mr. Scoble should append his "evangelist" title with "ombudsman"?

Now that I've been "paid" (a little), I guess I better get on the blower with Microsoft support and report a few bugs.



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